Columbia Global Centers | Rio de Janeiro celebrates its 4th anniversary

Professor Kartik Chandran (Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science) and professor José Luis Vallejo (School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation) were guest speakers at major events during the week.

Maria Eduarda Vaz
March 15, 2017

From March 8 to March 14, Columbia Global Centers | Rio de Janeiro hosted programs about sanitation and solutions to water related issues in cities, a subject of great importance to Rio and to Brazil, to celebrate its 4th anniversary. The opening event, on March 8, took place at Museu do Amanhã and brought professor Kartik Chandran (Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science) and Márcio Santa Rosa (civil engineer and specialist in environment and sustainable construction) to talk about challenges and possibilities in sanitation of cities - and on the use of sewage as a source of resources.

On March 9, the Associação Comercial do Rio de Janeiro hosted the second event of the week-long schedule. The conference “Wastewater: New Technologies, Applicability and Urban Planning”, organized in partnership with Studio-X, brought, once again, professor Kartik Chandran for a keynote speech. Alongside him, Eva Pfannes (architect and director at Ooze Architects) and professor Isaac Volschan Junior (Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro -UFRJ-) delivered their keynote speeches as well before the roundtable that followed. To discuss new ways of treating water, possibilities in sanitation in cities and a way of using sewage as a resource source, the roundtable also brought Claudio Barcelos Dutra (president of Fundação Rio Águas), Dayse Demori (special advisor at the Undersecretary of Promotion, Primary Care and Health Surveillance), Luiz Firmino Pereira (UFRJ) and Sylvain Hartenberg (Ooze Architects) to debate with the keynote speakers.

To wrap up the anniversary celebration, on March 11, a guided visit to Protótipo Água, a project designed and built by Ooze Architects at Sítio Roberto Burle-Marx, was hosted by CGC Rio and Studio-X.

Discussion on Challenges and Solutions for Sanitation of Cities (Mar. 8, 2017)
Wastewater: New Technologies, Applicability and Urban Planning (Mar. 9, 2017)