Columbia Journalism School's Tucher Reviews History of Fake News

October 06, 2020

“Some fake news is silly and harmless, clearly created to be entertaining and make money. But most of the time it is much more troubling: profoundly undemocratic and dangerous, like the agitators that are trying to influence elections by spreading information they know to be untrue,” Andie Tucher, the director of Columbia University's Communications Ph.D. Program, said in opening remarks of the webinar “Fake News: History and Evolution.”

During the event, in conversation with Paula Escobar, professor at Universidad Diego Portales' (UDP) School of Journalism, Tucher reviewed the development of fake news over time, from the beginning of printed press and through the era when reporters began to establish and abide by codes of conduct and professional ethics.

The webinar forms part of the “The Future of Journalism” series, organized jointly by Columbia Journalism School, Escuela de Periodismo UDP, and the Santiago Center, in conjunction with the Paris Center.