Columbia University participates in Conference organized by newly-created Chilean Law and Society Studies Group


July 13, 2018

Pablo Piccato, professor of History at Columbia University, will participate as keynote speaker in an academic gathering of Latin American law experts to be held in mid-August in Viña del Mar.

On August 16 -17 Chile’s Law and Society Studies Group (Grupo de Estudios Derecho y Sociedad Chile), a recently created academic network of scholars from 18 different academic institutions in Chile and abroad, is hosting the first Chilean Law and Society Conference. This inaugural gathering aims to foster the empirical and interdisciplinary study of law both in Chile and in Latin America by adding new members to the research network and building bridges with other regional Law and Society groups.

The meeting is being organized around nine panels and two keynote presentations. The panel discussions cover a broad variety of issues including  innovative and inter-cultural methodologies for the study of legal phenomena; judicial practices from the perspective of street-level bureaucrats; power dynamics within the state administration and public agencies; new challenges in environmental law and natural disasters; conflict and exclusion in Latin American policy-making; new perspectives on transitional justice; history and sociology of the legal profession; the life within Chilean prisons; and the history and future of criminal justice systems. Participants come from different regions of Chile, Argentina, Colombia, and Brazil, as well as from universities in Europe and the United States.

The inaugural conference will be in charge of María Inés Bergoglio, professor of Sociology of Law at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba Law School and one of the leading scholars in empirical legal studies in Latin America on the issues of legal profession, jury trials, gender and legal culture. The closing speech will be delivered by Pablo Piccato, professor of History at Columbia University, whose research on the history of crime, criminals and the uses of crime and the law in the public sphere in twentieth-century Mexico has inspired a generation of social and cultural Latin American historians.

The conference is open to the public. It will be held at the Viña del Mar Campus of the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez Law School (Av. Padre Hurtado 750, Viña del Mar). The event is sponsored by Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez, Universidad Alberto Hurtado, Universidad Diego Portales, and Columbia Global Center I Santiago.

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