Columbia's Student of Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) Interns in Chilean Hospitals

January 31, 2019

Nick Burry is a family nurse practitioner student in Columbia University’s School of Nursing, working towards his Doctorate in the Nursing Practice (DNP) Program and a Rudin Fellow in palliative care. In January 2019, he spent two weeks in Santiago collaborating with interdisciplinary palliative care teams from Universidad Católica and Hospital Sótero del Rio, delivering care in inpatient, outpatient and home settings.

"In Chile, so much of palliative care takes place in the home, often with families providing complex medical care to their loved ones," he says. "Throughout my experience in Santiago, I was warmly and universally welcomed into clinical environments and patients' homes. I feel so lucky to have worked with empathetic and dedicated nurses, physicians and psychologists who expertly coached families on how to deliver safe and effective care." His welcoming at the Columbia Global Centers |Santiago provided a base for his activities.  As Nick said, “It is like having a home away from home.”