ConstituTodos Launched in Maipú with 80 Students, Mayor and Members of the Constitutional Convention

September 01, 2021

After a successful launching of the ConstituTodos board game in the Santiago borough of Renca, the Santiago Center and its partners, NGO Momento Constituyente and Pop Juegos, met again to present the game in Maipú - Chile’s second largest borough with a population of over 500.000.

In an activity organized by the municipality, Mayor Tomás Vodanovic, members of the city council, of the Constitutional Convention that is currently drafting Chile’s new constitution, as well as a group of 7th and 8th grade students from Maipú, came together to play ConstituTodos. The game, which seeks to enhance citizenship education and promote civic dialogue, has 130 trivia questions, group challenges and other didactic tools concerning citizens’ rights and duties, Chile’s political history and the functioning of the democratic system.

During the event, the Director of Momento Constituyente, Rodrigo Mayorga (TC’20), explained the rules of the game and commented that the goal is to learn in order to take part in the historical process that the country is undergoing “and to have fun in the process, because civic, citizen and democratic education has been historically overlooked in Chile.”

After Mayorga’s introduction, Vodanovic noted that the time is now for all citizens to participate in the public debate, not just adults or politicians, but also boy, and girl students. “That’s what we are doing here today. Let's play and have a good time, but above all, let's understand that we are undergoing the important process of writing new rules for the country, of which we all must be part of,” he stated.

Following the mayor’s words, the 80 invited students gathered in teams to play ConstituTodos along with the authorities and representatives present. A photo album of the event is available here.

The partners will continue distributing the game in schools and civic organizations throughout the country. It can also be downloaded free of charge from this link.