Discussions on Corporate Governance and Capital Markets

November 09, 2017

In early November, the Santiago Center teamed-up with Carey, Chile’s largest law firm, to organize several events featuring professor Merritt B. Fox, who teaches international securities regulation, corporate finance, and capital markets regulation at Columbia’s Law School. He participated in a mayor academic conference entitled “Governance, Business and Law” held at Universidad Católica, where he delivered a keynote speech on foreign ownership corporate governance. The activity included presentations fourteen researchers and professionals, followed by discussions around topics such as stakeholder value theory, executive compensation, Chilean stock market regulations, and controller rights. You can download the presentation here.

Fox, who is also Co-Director of the Center for Law and Economic Studies and of the Program in the Law and Economics of Capital Markets, also spoke about the US Stock Market in two roundtable discussions organized by the American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) and Spencer Stuart, respectively (You can download the presentation here). There, he explained how the US stock market has changed, its current most controversial practices and regulations, and the role of Securities and Exchange Comission (SEC). He discussed in length the concept of High-frequency trading (HFT) and its impact in the US markets. 

In a final event, several LLM alumni residing in Chile attended a social gathering to host him, where he had a chance to meet several professionals applying to the program, catch-up with former students and update the local community on new developments at the Law School.