Equity Foundation - 2018 College Counselling Bootcamp

On July 19th, 2018, the Director of Columbia Global Centers |Nairobi – Dr. Murugi Ndirangu, was invited by Equity Foundation to speak to a group of students who were attending the 2018 College Counseling boot camp at Brookhouse School Karen.  The group comprised of 100 scholars – these being those who were going through the application process to IVY League Schools abroad including Columbia University, and over 15 mentors – these being those with some experience abroad.

Dr. Ndirangu engaged the students by covering a wide range of topics that addressed all matters from the point when they depart from their home country to landing and adapting to their new life as students abroad.  She provided tips on how to adapt well for example by connecting with other foreign students as well as integrating with local students in equal measure.  She also emphasized the importance of utilizing counseling services on-campus as a key resource while navigating and learning to cope with the new life away from home. 

Dr. Ndirangu also educated the students on the foreign academic system – most specifically, the American system.  This included information on the American academic calendar, course credits, and grading system. 

Overall, the students were encouraged to plan ahead and strategize on their academic goals and careers as a helpful move in determining which courses to take and to which level.  In the end, the scholars engaged Dr. Ndirangu with questions aiming to learn from her vast experience abroad both as a student and a college Professor.

Editor's note:

Equity Foundation was established in 2008 as a not-for-profit implementing foundation based in Nairobi.  It was born out of Equity Bank's commitment to servicing the poor as part of its core business model and through its long standing corporate social responsibility initiatives.

July 19, 2018