Gala features performances by Magdalena Stern-Baczewska, Yibing Zhu and alumni musicians of Columbia and Yale

Eight artists jointly performed at the 2019 Columbia-Yale Beijing alumni New Year Gala.

January 19, 2019

On January 19, Columbia Global Centers | Beijing, along with Columbia Alumni Association, Columbia Alumni Association of Beijing, and Yale Club of Beijing, hosted the 2019 Columbia - Yale Beijing alumni New Year Gala.

Dr. Magdalena Stern-Baczewska, Director of the Music Performance Program at Columbia University, Yibiao Wang, CC'19, and Jingyi Song, BC'19, performed at the Gala. Other musicians included cellist Yibing Zhu and Yale alumni Wenbin Jin, Lingfeng Mo, Mo Mo, and Bo Li.

The eight artists jointly performed pieces representative of multiple periods and of various musicians, including Mozart, Mendelssohn, Brahms, Chopin, and Chinese musician Qingwu Guan.

The Gala at the Beijing Center attracted more than 130 alumni from Columbia and Yale and their friends.