GSAPP Faculty Members Lead Architecture Workshop at Universidad San Sebastián

October 28, 2018

Columbia University’s Kersten Geers, professor of Advanced Studio at Columbia’s Graduate School of Architecture Planning and Preservation GSAPP, was the main guest at the 2018 version of the annual international workshop held by Universidad San Sebastian’s School of Architecture in Santiago. During the one-week event, Geers directed twelve teams of undergraduate students from different Chilean and foreign universities on the design of a 1km building whose aim was to tackle and discuss the notions of landscape and infrastructure in different geographical regions in Chile.

During his trip, Geers gave a lecture entitled “Architecture without Content” and, in another public event, engaged in a conversation with GSAPP professor Enrique Walker under the name “Simple Observations”. His visit was sponsored by Universidad San Sebastián, the Embassy of Belgium in Chile, and the Columbia Global Centers | Santiago, among other institutions.