Info Sessions were held in three cities for the Global Executive Master in Public Administration

September 04, 2015

On September 1st, 2nd and 3rd, Informational Sessions were held in São Paulo, Brasília and Rio de Janeiro, where candidates for the Global Executive Master in Public Administration, offered by the  School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), had a chance to get to know more about the program and to talk to Maria Luiza Paranhos, the Program Manager in Brazil and Valerie Zimmer, Associate Director of Recruitment and Marketing, who are in charge of the selection and informational process, as well as SIPA's Professors Dr. William Eimicke and Dr. Thomas Trebat.

The event in Brasília was hosted by the National School of Public Administration (ENAP), which is holding a conference on the subject this week. In São Paulo the Fernando Henrique Cardoso Institute kindly hosted the info session. In Rio de Janeiro, it was hosted by the Commercial Association, which also hosts the Global Center.

The Info Sesions attracted about 150 people overall. The main audience is composed of mid-career public servants, who could not attend SIPA otherwise.

To obtain more information regarding the program, please adress SIPA's website.