It’s All Relative: Condensed Matter Physics at the Paris Center

Every Friday this fall, the Paris Center will host a series of lectures on condensed matter physics led by international leaders in the field.

Joelle Theubet
September 08, 2017

Offered as a credit-bearing course for graduate students, the “Frontiers of Condensed Matter Physics (FCMP)” lectures are open to undergraduates, postdoctoral students and senior researchers. 

Organized by Yasutomo J. Uemura, professor of physics at Columbia University and an Alliance visiting professor at the École Polytechnique, the lecture series will bring together experts in topics including unconventional superconductors, novel magnetic systems, and spintronics, among others. Sessions will alternate between the Paris Center and the École Polytechnique in Palaiseau. When the lectures do not take place at the Paris Center, they will be simulcast live to the Grande Salle.

All talks will also be simultaneously broadcast to Columbia University, the Paul Scherrer Institute (Switzerland), and the International Center for Theoretical Physics (Italy). Participating students and researchers will have access to videos of the lectures, as well as to more than 200 previous FCMP lectures archived on a password-protected website.


Lecture dates: Fridays from September 8 to December 15

Simulcast details: All lectures will be simulcast to graduate course GR6026 at Columbia University in New York at Pupin Hall 329. 8:10 – 10:45 AM/ET

Organizers: École Polytechnique: Kees van der Beek, Luca Perfetti and Marcin Konczykowski; U. Paris-Sud Orsay: Phlippe Mendels
; CEA Saclay: Catherine Pepin
; CNRS Thales: Vincent Cros; U. Paris Diderot: Alain Sacuto;
 U. Pierre et Marie Curie: Andrea Gauzzi;
 ESPCI: Kamran Behnia, Luca de Medici; 
Columbia / École Polytechnique: Yasutomo Uemura;
 Rome (including 2018 FCMP Workshop in Rome-Frascati): Antonio Bianconi

Contact: Yasutomo Uemura, Professor of Physics, Columbia University; [email protected]