Joseph Stiglitz Delivers Keynote Address at Chile’s Congreso Futuro

January 29, 2021

Joseph E. Stiglitz, Professor at Columbia University and Nobel Laureate in Economic Sciences, presented at end-January via video conference at Chile’s Congreso Futuro, considered the largest dissemination event of scientific-humanistic issues in the southern hemisphere.

During his keynote speech, Stiglitz said that the Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the consequences of 40 years of neoliberalism, of denigrating the importance of government and the importance of collective action. He reviewed how neither governments nor markets were able to respond to issues such as health, the global financial crises, threats to democracy and human rights, and environment.

The Nobel prize-winning economist called for better measures that go beyond GDP in responding to crisis, including economic performance, wellbeing, development or social progress, with a dashboard of indicators such as sustainability, concerns over inequality, and metrics of health.

“We need to rethink old rules that have guided economic policy… to ensure shared prosperity for all,” he said. Use this link to see his entire address.

Since 2011, Congreso Futuro has invited renowned experts recognized in the fields of scientific and humanistic study to present on issues that society faces or will face in the future. It is organized by the Chilean Senate’s Future Challenges Committee, the Chilean Academy of Sciences and the Government of Chile.