The Law and Economics of Capital Market Regulations Course taught in Rio de Janeiro

May 11, 2015

Last week, the Columbia Global Centers | Rio de Janeiro was glad to co-host - along with CVM, the Brazilian regulators of Capital Markets - the Program in Law and Economics of Capital Markets, which is offered jointly by Columbia Law School and Columbia Business School.

Professor Merritt Fox and Professor Lawrence Glosten came to Rio de Janeiro, accompanied by Professor Kevin Haeberle, who is a Teaching Assistant at the Program, and a former fellow at the Program.

The team of Professors was able to condense the semester-long course they deliver at the Campus in New York, in a week-long intensive course. 

The students were mostly employees of CVM, as well as some private market specialists (from investiment banks, wealth managers and so on). CVM also invited members of some institutions that work closely with the market, such as ANBIMA (The National Association of Investimenst Banks) and BRAiN (Brazil Investiment and Business).

The course focused mainly on four subjects: 

I - The Institutions and Economics of Securities Markets

II - The Regulation of Market Structure

III - The Regulation of Liquidity Provision and Related Services

IV - The Regulation of Traders (including manipulation, short selling, & trading on nonpublic information)