Logical Reasoning in Human Genetics Course Lecture 2 - Unique Features of Genetic Epidemiology

March 15, 2021

In partnership with Institut Pasteur Tunis, CGC Tunis organized the second lecture “Unique features of genetic epidemiology” scheduled for March 11th. It was designed to contrast genetic epidemiology from other disciplines of epidemiology, with an emphasis on what makes genetic epidemiology unique and different and why, and what the ramifications of this are for interpreting findings from genetic epidemiological studies compared to other epidemiological research. 

More information on the free online course can be found here.


- Harald H. Göring Ph.D.: Bennett Dyke & Jean MacCluer Endowed Professor at South Texas Diabetes and Obesity Institute & Department of Human Genetics at the School of Medicine.
- Joseph Lee, Professor at CUMC, Epidemiology (in the Sergievsky Center) at the Columbia University Medical Center.

You can find the first lecture recording here and the introduction link by Kenneth M. Weiss can be found here along with the PDF slides.

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You are kindly invited by Professor Joseph Terwilliger and Professor Kenneth M. Weiss to watch the extra lecture  “How Do We Know What (We Think ) We Know About Biological Causation'' before you attend, through the following links: Video of lecture and Pdf of slides