Winners of the Urban Works US Track

June 29, 2020

Two exciting startups – Extrinsic Labs and Kara Atmospheric Water – have won the US track of the Urban Works Innovation Challenge 2019-2020.  Hosted through the Columbia Venture Competition by the Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science, in partnership with the Columbia Global Centers | Mumbai, applications were invited from students as well as recent alumni. Applicants had formed or were in the process of forming companies for their tech-based solutions aimed at transforming 21st-century cities in India into safe and sustainable work environments. The following winners were selected by a jury after a competitive process of review and interviews.

Extrinsic Labs 

Their solution aims to transform organizational culture by developing a tech-based program on prevention of sexual harassment (POSH) in Indian workplaces using gamification. The app will deploy tested research and insights from organizational behavior and behavioral science that will foster a culture of inclusion, innovation, and gender security at the workplace.

Kara Atmospheric Water 

Their solution is an atmospheric water generator, a decentralized water dispenser that reduces the cost of the drinking water supply chain, improves health, and reduces wastage. The dispenser produces up to 11 liters of water per day from humidity from the air, covering the needs of a typical household of four people. Kara Water aims to produce 320 million liters of clean drinking water and offset 640 million plastic bottles as a result.