Nairobi Center PGIF Projects on Creative and Liberal Arts

August 07, 2021

PGIF Round 2 Projects (2014)

Project; Screenwriting and Creative Producing Workshops for CGC

Principal Investigator

Ira Deutchman:

  • Chair, Film Program School of the Arts, Columbia University.

Co- principal Investigators

Katherine Dieckmann

  • Writer- director and Associate Professor of Professional Practice, School of Arts, Columbia University.


This project sought to address the high demand for Screenwriting and Production internationally. This arose from the question of what the School of Arts might contribute to various local filmmaking communities. This arises from the fact that local film students, film industry professionals, and film organizations expressed a strong desire for instruction and mentorship in writing for the moving image and a practical need for quality instruction in the business of film. This specifically in creative producing - pitching, funding, and distributing their films locally and internationally to effectively tell stories on film and effectively produce and pitch their films.

PGIF Round 4 Projects (2016)

Project; Adolescents Living with HIV: Engaging and Empowering through Photography

Principal Investigator

Elaine J. Abrams, MD:

  • Professor of Pediatrics, Columbia University Medical Center College of Physicians and Surgeons; Professor of Epidemiology, Columbia University Medical Center Mailman School of Public Health

Local Collaborator

  • ICAP Kenya
  • Jaramogi Oginga Odinga Teaching and Referral Hospital (JOOTRH)


This project sought to train the young people living with HIV on how to use digital cameras. In addition to acquiring tangible skills, the project also aimed to train the youth on how to use photography as a medium of self-expression to explore their experiences being born with and living with HIV infection. By the end of this project, an exhibition of the participants' photographs happened at the Nairobi Global Center and the Columbia University Irving Medical Center.