Nairobi Global Center

October 28, 2020

“I love Columbia University due to its long history of educational excellence and alumni network. I was really surprised when i first visited Columbia Global Centers | Nairobi for i had not visited the center before. I found it quite an enticing office place for one to study. Although due to work assignments, i have been constantly travelling out of Nairobi especially after the COVID lockdown measures were lifted and because of this, i haven’t been able to spend much time at the global center in Nairobi.”

John Ndiso, Graduate student Columbia University Journalism School, Nairobi.

“I love Columbia University for it has made me an all- rounded figure, both in academics and life in general as I aspire in future to become an investment banker. I think the initiative from Columbia to reach out to international students is great for this shows that the University generally cares for its students which is quite the opposite in my home country’s institutions of higher learning.”

Benjamin Mumasi, Undergraduate student of economics at Columbia College, Nairobi.

Mark Kantai