Paris Center Stories: Solomon Azrieli, CC '19

Sol Azrieli spent the 2017-18 academic year in Paris with the Columbia Undergraduate Programs in Paris. During his stay, he served as intern and videographer for the Columbia Sounds Concert Series.

Joelle Theubet
June 08, 2018

Where are from?

I’m from Montreal, Canada. 


What are you studying?

I’m studying Philosophy at Columbia. 


Why did you decide to study abroad in Paris?

I wanted to perfect my French and experience living in a European city.


What were the most surprising/challenging aspects of your time in Paris?

Learning to manage my time. It was my first time living in a European capital so travelling to other nearby cities was high on my priority list. That being said it is study abroad, so learning to balance my travel and my studying was challenging but rewarding!


In Montmartre

Did you work on any directed research or special projects while you were here?

I did a directed research project in the spring semester in philosophy with Florent Jakob. It was about the possible existence of non-physical properties (spoiler alert: it doesn’t look like they can exist.)


What are your favorite haunts in Paris?

I lived right in the middle of Bastille, and that whole neighbourhood is full of gems. I went to this Thai place called Street at least once a week. And this Australian coffee place called Neighbours on Beaumarchais, right next to the Marais. 


Favorite discoveries on the French music scene?

Paris has amazing radio stations! Every genre is super well-represented and it’s not too riddled with ads like it can be in the States. It was honestly a great way to discover French artists, especially for hip hop.