Promoting Women's Involvement in Clean Energies

March 21, 2017

Strengthening the participation of women in the clean energy revolution that Chile is experiencing, as well as promoting their inclusion in leadership positions within the sector’s companies, universities, government, and non-profit institutions, was the main objective of an extremely successful workshop organized by the Santiago Center in conjunction with the Chilean Renewable Energy Association (ACERA). The event was sponsored by the Ministry of Energy and had the support of the United States Embassy.

The workshop was inaugurated by Minister of Energy Andrés Rebolledo and included an initial presentation by Paula Estévez, a Columbia alumna that heads the International Department at the Ministry, which focused on Chile's progress in terms of renewable energies and energy efficiency.

Britt Ide, one of the 61 Ambassadors of the Inter-ministerial Clean Energies, Education & Empowerment (C3E) initiative, supported by eleven countries, then explained how the organization supports education and training as well as action programs to incorporate more professionals in the sector. Finally, Carlos Finat, Executive Director of ACERA, led a panel discussion featuring Marta Alonso, South America’s General Manager of Global Energy Services – GES; María Eliana Arntz, Executive Director of the NGO Casa de la Paz; Annie Dufey, Policy Leader for Energy and Climate at EBP Chile; Mónica Gazmuri, General Manager of the National Association of Energy Efficiency Companies - ANESCO; and Ximena Muñoz, Founding Partner of Suli Chile.