Reid Hall and Columbia Celebrate Golden Anniversary

This year, Reid Hall is celebrating a very special milestone: 50 years with Columbia University, after Helen Rogers Reid bequeathed to Columbia the property that had meant so much to her family and to the international community in Paris.

December 08, 2014

On December 8, nearly 200 friends of Reid Hall, including current and former students, professors and staff, gathered to celebrate this golden anniversary. And to underscore Reid Hall's tradition of Franco-American friendship, what better spot than the George C. Marshall Center in the Hotel de Talleyrand. Purchased by the U.S. in 1960, this stately mansion has housed French nobles, diplomats and aristocrats over its 250-year existence, and was also the headquarters for the administration of the Marshall Plan following World War II. 

The evening included a short film about Reid Hall, and presentations by former Reid Hall student Phil Frayne, the Minister Counselor for Public Affairs, Embassy of the United States, and by Paul LeClerc, director of Columbia Global Centers | Paris. Golden Jubilee medals were presented to director emerita Danielle Haase-Dubosc and to administrative director Brunhilde Biebuyck. 

There will also be a celebration in New York City in January 2015, which will include the presentation of a compilation of essays and photos submitted by Reid Hall alumni, some of whom never left Paris, some of whom met their husbands and wives as part of their program, all of whom had their lives touched in some way by their time at Reid Hall.