Sabin Center's Expert Participates in Environmental Colloquium

September 28, 2018

In late August, Teresa Parejo, affiliated professor at Columbia University Law School's Sabin Center for Climate Change as well as associate professor at Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, travelled to Chile to participate in a conference organized by Universidad de Chile's Environmental Law Center, the Climate Science and Resilience Center (CR) 2 and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The event, entitled V International Colloquium on Environmental Law "Global Pact of The Environment, Human Rights and Constitution”, aimed at addressing the integration of local and international views regarding the Global Pact, under the context of the Paris Agreement, as well as the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development (SDGs). 

The Colloquium also included the participation of Xavier Mena, deputy representative of the UN Human Rights Commissioner of the Regional Office for South America; Pilar Moraga, researcher of the (CR) 2; Julio Cordano, Head of the Department of Climate Change of Ministry of Foreign Affairs; Liliana Galdámez, researcher at the Universidad de Chile's Human Rights Center.

During the opening, Mena highlighted the importance of linking the Global Pact with Human Rights. Then, Moraga discussed the Global Pact initiative, its origin, ratification and the challenges is poses for the signatory parties. Parejo addressed the articulation of the Global Pact in the legal context of the European Union with a focus on the situation in Spain.

 Cordano opened the second conversation with a description of Chile's position in international negotiations on the Global Pact. Lastly, Galdámez, addressed the contributions and challenges that the Global Pact would imply from the perspective of the Chilean Constitution.

Check the recording and presentations of the V Colloquium on International Environmental Law here.