Santiago Internship Spotlight: Isha Gore

January 18, 2021

Age: 23 years old

First year Master’s student at Teachers College

“My name is Isha Rahul Gore, and I am an international student from India, in my first year at Teachers College at Columbia.

“I come from a humble family background. My parents spent most of their life working hard to provide me the best education. We are a family of six living in a one-bedroom house. Hence the motivation and dedication to rise above these conditions and help my family grow strong.

“After completing my 12th grade with distinction, I was fortunate to receive a scholarship to attend Minnesota State University, Mankato. I pursued my quest to understand the mechanisms of human behavior through a Psychology major. Throughout college, I maintained my position on the Dean’s list, and addition to lab commitments, campus activities, and my work as a TA. While the coursework expanded my theoretical knowledge base, the lessons that I have learned through my lab experiences have been invaluable. Through research experiences, I have been able to expand my knowledge in various sub fields of neuroscience.

“My decision to pursue graduate studies in neuroscience is an intentional one. I was drawn to the MSc In Neuroscience program at Teachers College because of its focus on cognitive neuroscience as well as neurodegenerative diseases, which align strongly with my interests.”

Santiago Internship: Literature review on how the mesolimbic circuit is affected in patients with Alzheimer’s Disease, under the direction of Luis Aguayo at Universidad de Concepción.

“My internship experience at Santiago has been exceptional. Working under the mentorship of Dr. Aguayo and his team has been a privilege. I aim to enhance my understanding of neuroscience through my internship.”