Santiago Internship Spotlight: Yuxiu Lin

August 02, 2021

Yuxiu Lin is a graduate student at Columbia’s School of International and Public Affairs (SIPA), working towards her Master of International Affairs. In the Santiago Virtual Internship Program, she is working with colleague Kristina Kim in writing a paper for the Santiago Center’s “Chile @ Columbia” project. The following is her story.

I am from China and I am studying Public Policy at SIPA. I like traveling and learning from other cultures and I have been studying abroad for almost ten years.

In my internship with the Columbia Global Centers | Santiago, I am supporting the historical research project on the story of Chile’s feminist leaders that studied at Columbia. I am reviewing Columbia archives and other resources under the mentorship of Professor Nara Milanich [Professor of History at Barnard College and a specialist on Chile] and the Santiago Center Director Karen Poniachik.

Working with Kristina Kim and other colleagues, my main responsibility is to find out more information about the time these Chilean women spent at Columbia and upon their return to Chile, where they played a crucial role in the fight for women’s rights. This work will help the Santiago Center enrich the stories of Chilean Columbia alumni and bring attention to the role of Columbia as a gateway to new possibilities for students and professionals in the region. I have had several meetings with mentors and colleagues online to discuss my progress and have received constructive advice from others to enhance the project.

What I like best so far about working with the organization is that everyone I have encountered is very genial and kind and always willing to offer help whenever asked.