Sarah Deardorff writes a first-person account of her experiences at the Nairobi Center

Sarah Deardorff Miller is adjunct assistant professor of International and Public Affairs at the Columbia's School of International and Public Affairs.

October 18, 2018

My experience at the Center was excellent.  The space was perfect for what we needed--a good space for both lecture-style presentations and some discussion.  The technology was high quality, and the staff set everything up well in advance.  It all ran very smoothly.  The meeting space where we were able to eat and converse afterwards was also perfect for building relationships in a comfortable environment.

The event itself was well-suited for the Columbia Global Center in Nairobi.  Because we were talking about migration, it made perfect sense to come to Nairobi and meet with others--academics, policy experts, government officials, and NGO staff--about displacement.  Given that Kenya hosts some of the largest numbers of refugees and has done so for decades, it is natural to have had the MIMC launch event there.

I greatly enjoyed meeting with the other panelists, and hearing their insights on the MIMC and migration in the region.  The panel represented diverse viewpoints, which ultimately made for a rich discussion following the presentations.  A number of connections were made amongst panelists and audience members, and there was enthusiasm to revisit the MIMC as it evolves in the coming years, particularly to better understand how it can inform and set the agenda in East Africa.