State of Grace launches École Libre d'architecture (ELa)

Columbia alumnus and architect Robert Grace announces the launch of the École Libre d'architecture (ELa) at the Paris Center from May 1-24, 2018.

January 09, 2018

The Ecole Libre d’architecture May 2018 invites free thought, dialogue, and debate through exposure to a variety of architectural practices. The ELa eschews traditional pedagogical hierarchies, relying instead on peer-to-peer exchanges between a broad and diverse panel of participants.

Through workshops and exposure to the city, ELa aims to offer a critical understanding of the world, using the architectural and natural resources of Paris to facilitate discourse and collaboration.

The session will culminate with a visit to Venice for a free assembly at the vernissage of the Biennale of architecture.

The ELa  is run by and exists through state of grace (the research arm of robert grace architecture) in partnership with Columbia Global Centers l Paris and is supported by the ELa advisors. The program was conceived following the experiences of FSA - The Free School of Architecture, founded in Los Angeles by architect and educator Peter Zellner, at its inaugural six-week programme in June and July 2017.

The ELa is accepting applications from interested participants through February 1, 2018.

Apply here