TC Faculty Member Participates in Major Math Education Gathering

November 20, 2018

In mid November, Nick Wasserman, Assistant Professor of Mathematics Education at Teachers College (TC), participated in the International Psychology of Mathematics Education’s (PME) first Regional Conference in South America that took place in the city of Rancagua in Chile. The event was hosted by Universidad Bernardo O’Higgins and brought together the Math Education communities of South America and the PME to share research and build collaboration networks.

The theme of the conference was “Understanding and Promoting Students' Mathematical Thinking and it emphasized the role of Math Education research in helping teachers to foster mathematical thinking in their classrooms. It dealt not only with how Math Education can be made more effective, but also more inclusive and equitable.

During his visit, Wasserman also traveled to Santiago and to Valparaíso to meet with faculty members at four local universities to discuss the possibility for future collaborations.

PME is: is a group of researchers that seek to promote international contacts and exchange of scientific information in the field of mathematical education; to foster and stimulate interdisciplinary research in this area; and to further a deeper and more correct understanding of the psychology and other aspects of teaching and learning mathematics.