Technology changes the world and could win the future

August 15, 2019

WeChat has changed the way we communicate. ByteDance has improved our reading experience. Uber has improved our travel efficiency. AirBnB has changed the way we travel.

The world is changing fast, and technological innovation will be one of the main driving forces to progress.

On August 15, Columbia Global Centers | Beijing hosted the sixth discussion of the Center’s Entrepreneurship Panel Series, in collaboration with the Black Panther Capital. The panel invited Alice Zhang CC ’12 and Genie Wang, both are co-founders of the Black Panther Capital, to share their insights on the prospect of technology and its investment value in the context of slow global economic development and unstable stock market.

Despite the anxiety in the society, Zhang still senses hope and opportunities in the field of technology.

 “China’s technology industry is undergoing a rapid growth as Chinese tech companies including ByteDance, DJI, and Huawei have been working day and night to catch up, even surpass some of the technological powers in the U.S. Japan, and South Korea,” said Zhang. She believes that Chinese entrepreneurs should be proud of China’s achievement and seize the opportunities for development.

When asked about their suggestions for young generation, speakers encouraged young students to enrich themselves rather than complaining the external environment, to know the world by constant learning, and to increase their competitiveness by embracing challenges. Most importantly, students should be equipped with independent thinking, which enables them to make bold decisions.

Launched by the Beijing Center, the Entrepreneurship Panel Series has initiated several discussions in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, engaging Columbia entrepreneurs from a wide-ranging sectors, including business, fintech, technology, social work, and sustainability. The Series will continue to create a dynamic platform for entrepreneurs and look forward to more collaborations with leading professionals and corporations.