Urban Climate Change Research Network Opens its Latin American hub at FioCruz

October 14, 2015

The Latin American hub of the Urban Climate Change Research Network (UCCRN) was launched on October 13, in Rio de Janeiro. The launch event took place at a workshop on resilient cities, Risk of Climate Change to Urban Health Management.The Hub launch was part of a workshop involving important names related to studying of climate change impacts on cities, specially in Brazil. In a series of debates and several researchers, public officials and civil society leaderships had the opportunity to discuss topics related to climate change, resilient cities and urban management. 

The workshop featured the UCCRN Co-Director, Cynthia Rosenzweig, who presented results of The Second Assessment Report of Climate Change in Cities (ARC3 -2)  developed by the network of researchers, which will be published during COP21, in Paris. It describes best practices for cities to mitigate and adapt to climate change.