Vaccine Development: Availability and Safety

December 16, 2020

In collaboration with CGC Nairobi, CGC Tunis hosted a webinar about the COVID-19 vaccine development. The availability of an effective vaccine against COVID19 will be critical to the worldwide control of a disease that is responsible for over 1.2 million deaths worldwide to date. The development, testing, and distribution of candidate vaccines has proceeded on a scale and at a speed that is unprecedented in the history of modern vaccines. We will review the most promising candidate vaccines, the steps in the process from development to approval, and distribution and identify issues for future investigation.



Dr. Yanis Ben Amor : Executive Director, Center for Sustainable Development - Earth Institute. Assistant Professor for Global Health and Microbiological Sciences - SIPA, Columbia University.

Prof. Omu Anzala, MBChB, PhD: Virologist and Immunologist - KAVI Institute of Clinical Research, University of Nairobi.

Dr. Lawrence Stanberry, MD, PhD - Pediatrics:  Associate Dean for International Programs and Director of the Programs in Global Health - Columbia University.

Dr. Philip LaRussa, MD: Professor Emeritus of Columbia University. Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist.

Dr. Daniel Ochiel, PhD.: Director of Laboratory Programs for Africa - IAVI.