What Happens if Trump is Defeated in Elections?

June 26, 2020

“If Trump is defeated in the next elections, it is because he lost the female, white and college graduate vote,” Dan Restrepo, senior fellow at independent, nonpartisan thinktank Center for American Progress, said during the webinar “Towards a US without Trump?,” hosted by the Santiago Center and Universidad de Chile’s Institute of International Studies.

Regarding the US’s position on the region, "I think that the Latin America policy of an eventual Biden government would be more respectful and comprehensive. It wouldn’t center only on Venezuela and Cuba. Nor do I think that the current scenario would exist, which is summarized as 'you are either with China or you are with the United States.' I think there would be opportunities for more countries in the region," noted Restrepo, who also served as the principal advisor to President Barack Obama on issues related to Latin America, the Caribbean, and Canada.