The World Writers' Weekend: Focus on Africa and the Caribbean

This year, the World Writers’ Weekend will showcase and promote the vibrancy of African and Caribbean writing in the European context.

Joelle Theubet
June 01, 2017

Writers of African and Caribbean descent are rearticulating the relationships that bind their homelands to the rest of the world.  Their words move the imagination beyond the worn out tales of subjugation, forging a space freed from the colonizers’ narratives and a future that is theirs to define.

In Africa, the literary and intellectual scene has recently sprung to life.   The newfound dynamism surged last October during the Senegalese “thought workshops” (Ateliers de la pensée) in Dakar and Saint-Louis, which gathered Africa’s most cutting-edge thinkers.  This innovative initiative—only one of many—attests to the continent’s own desire to wrest itself from old categories and understandings, deconstruct clichés, and interrogate history, all with the larger intent of “decolonizing minds.” As journalist and philosopher Séverine Kodjo-Grandvaux remarks “this kind of event…builds a new library that is not so much postcolonial as de-colonial.”

Capitalizing on this momentum, the World Writer’s Festival and Series seeks to bring these new narratives to the forefront of the Parisian literary scene for the space of a weekend, from June 9-11.