Wujie Art Exhibition and Arts Lecture Series Held on March 25th, 2017 at CGC丨Beijing

On March 25, Columbia Global Centers | Beijing and No-Boundaries International Art Exhibition jointly held the third event of the 2017 No-Boundaries International Art Exhibition Arts Lecture Series – “From Doodle to Art, the Space We Need to Give to Children”at Columbia Global Centers | Beijing.

March 25, 2017

“This is No-Boundaries’ third public lecture on arts following the first one at Columbia University and the second at China Central Academy of Fine Art,” said YAN Baitong, Initiator and Chief Director of No-Boundaries International Art Exhibition. “Through our lecture series, we wish to provide a platform for dialogues and exchanges among youths who are passionate about arts, parents, and art professionals, to deliver latest information in arts, and to enable parents to realize the importance of arts education. In 2017, we will also touch upon issues on hunger and environment during every lecture to call for more attention.”

During the lecture, one of key speakers Professor ZHEN Wei shared some of his ideas on youth arts education. Professor Zhen said: “The youth arts education focuses more on emotions and feelings, plus a beautiful way of expression, and plus one’s observation on life. The observation is already a part of the process of arts creation. The world of children and youths is purer than ours. Their art works are fun and innocent with a lot of beautiful stuffs. Parents should let their children to express themselves.

In the meantime, however, Professor Zhen admitted: “arts cannot solve a lot of problems, for example the hunger issue. But arts are still very special. We would have a better life with it.”

Artist NA Tuo shared her stories in the past – she left her hometown and came to Beijing alone to study Erh-hu, and later she started to create art pieces including poems, sculptures, and paintings. When recalling the hardship in the past, NA couldn’t help to burst into tears.

“Actually, I’m sad in my heart of hearts. Although my life was tough back in the village, I felt the nature there had been infused into my life and my spirit, like a tree, a piece of land, a starry night sky or the twinkling stars all over the sky. That feeling was amazing, but I can’t find it in the city.”

NA said: “the nature enables me to feel the life and the spirit, and I hope to express them in my arts. I’d like to use my arts, my paintings, and my poems to visualize the beloved thoughts.”

Poet GUANG Tsu introduced Haiku, and she thinks that the Haiku is created from leisure, self-mocking, and daily life. It is true and pure, sometimes trivial and sometimes sorrowful.

Starting from January 5, 2017, the Second No-Boundaries International Art Exhibition Arts Event Series aims to emphasize youth arts education, to encourage international communications on arts and culture, to cultivate students international vision, and to increase responsibility of global citizens on cultural exchanges and social issues.

In the meantime, the No-Boundaries International Art Exhibition in China will be held from May 6 to May 13 at Columbia Global Centers | Beijing.