YGT environmental entrepreneurs present their innovative solutions at the Beijing Center

April 21, 2019

On April 21, Columbia Global Centers | Beijing hosted the YGT TALK Beijing session.

The Young Green Tech (YGT) is an exchange program co-hosted by Columbia Global Centers | Beijing, that empowers young creators and doers to address environmental challenges through scalable solutions and cleantech innovation. Every year, YGT provides a select group of transformative green startups training from prestigious institutions, access to high net worth philanthropists and participation in tech-exchanges around the global.

The Beijing session invited YGT mentors to introduce the program and YGT environmental entrepreneurs to present their innovative solutions and to discuss the new era of eco-entrepreneurship. Speakers included Yan SHI, Founder of CSA; Yaping SHI, Chief Operating Officer at Metropoly Holdings Ltd; Haoran SUN, Investment Manager at ZhenFund; Beijia TANG, Founder of GoZeroWaste; Peidan YANG, Director of CTeam; and Bin Ouyang, Founder of YGT.

More than 60 people attended the event with more than 116,000 people watched the event online.