Pianist Cindy Liu, CC '18, has twice graced the stage at the Paris Center. Her latest performance of works by Russian composer Serge Prokofiev for the Columbia Sounds Concert Series on Nov. 7, 2017 drew a capacity crowd to the Grande Salle.

The Columbia Center on Sustainable Investment (CCSI), a joint center of Columbia Law School and the Earth Institute has partnered with Dinámica Plataforma, a consulting company focused on stakeholder management, to develop a social intervention project in the Huasco Valley, located in the region of Atacama in Northern Chile.

Journalist Igor Stokfiszewski reflects on the cultural crisis underpinning the growth of rightwing populist movements in Europe. This article based on his intervention at the conference "L'Europe face au populisme" which took place at the Paris Center on Oct. 2-3, 2017.

“Of the 250 million families in India, about 50 million families are still not on the grid,” said Jairam Ramesh, former Union Minister and Rajya Sabha member, speaking at an event organized by the Chazen Institute’s India Business Initiative at Columbia University on January 15 in Mumbai. Per capita electricity consumption in the country is at one-quarter the level it is in China, one-tenth that of Europe and one-thirteenth the level in the United States. “We are not aspiring to European or US levels of consumption, but power generation has to increase very significantly to improve the standard of living,” he noted.

In a continuously changing world, teaching in the traditional way has become a challenge. Academics, school teachers and students themselves need to identify and determine how best to nurture the intellectual abilities that will prepare young people for lifelong learning, work, and citizenship.

On January 13, Columbia Global Centers | Beijing successfully held an art exhibition for oil painters Mr. Jian Wang, Ms. Jin Li, and Abigale Wang, an undergraduate student at Columbia University's Columbia College, showcasing some of their signature paintings. A public lecture was included during the exhibition.

Five Chilean companies are participating in the 2018-2019 version of the Columbia Business School’s Entrepreneurship and Competitiveness in Latin America (ECLA), which targets entrepreneurs from mid-sized Latin American companies seeking to expand and better compete in today’s global environment. The program consists of six modules, the first of which took place on Columbia's campus in New York on January 3-12. The first module included sessions on the foundations of international business and problem solving featuring top faculty from the Business School.

Nutrition not only improves the quality of life of children with cancer, but also increases their survival rates. Speaking at a public lecture organized by Columbia Global Centers | Mumbai in January, Professor Ladas said “Research has shown that poor nutrition of children has resulted in increase in length of their hospitalization and chances of re-admission, increased side effects of cancer therapy and could even result in them abandoning cancer therapy.”

Columbia Global Centers | Mumbai and the Mailman School of Public Health at Columbia University are pleased to announce a new initiative to advance science and improve public health outcomes in India enabled by a generous gift from the distinguished philanthropist, Dr. Yusuf Hamied. Through fellowships, public lectures, and the creation of pedagogical resources, the 'Yusuf Hamied Faculty Exchange Program in Health' will promote mutual learning and collaboration.

Automating business, industrial and financial activities is increasingly being adopted by companies to reduce costs and improve productivity. Estimates predict that around half of jobs in the US and the EU are at risk due to robotization and/or automation. In addition, demographic transformations, especially population aging and changing lifestyles, require that countries design and implement policies to address the economic, social security, and public health challenges related to the future of their labor force. In this context, Vegard Skirbekk, a professor at the Columbia Aging Center, travelled to Chile to present his extensive research on this topic and to analyze its implications for the country.

A riveting account of the months before and after Stalin’s death in March of 1953 was the focus of the last lecture of the series on the 100 years of the Russian Revolution organized by the Santiago Center in association with three local universities. The presentation included a tale of the plotting by Beria, Malenkov, Khrushchev and other “comrades in arms” to take power after the dictator’s passing as well as of the failure of President Dwight Eisenhower and Secretary of State John Foster Dulles to match the Kremlin’s conciliatory gestures.

L’universitaire Safwan Masri soutient, dans un entretien au « Monde », que la transition démocratique tunisienne s’explique par des facteurs endogènes difficilement reproductibles.

On January 6, Columbia Global Centers | Beijing successfully hosted an alumnae gathering event for Barnard College. This event brought together alumnae representing different backgrounds and industries to connect with each other, to reminisce about their school days, and to share their learning and experiences along with career advice to current students. 

On January 5, 2018, Columbia Global Centers | Beijing and Columbia University's 2018 SIPA China Delegation co-hosted the 2018 SIPA China Delegation X Alumni Night. This is the second year the Beijing Center supports SIPA Delegation after the Innovator’s Night panel in 2017.