Diniz (GSAS ’09, ’16) designs and implements programs and events intended to foster an exchange between Columbia and Brazil. They include symposia, lectures, courses and research involving faculty, students and staff. She also represents Columbia in Brazil, acting as a liaison with institutions and individuals interested in forging partnerships with the University and with students and faculty interested in developing projects in Brazil.

Chile’s 2016-2017 fire season was the worst in history. More than 500,000 hectares of wildfires affected cities, towns, and rural areas, including national parks and reserves. 

The Panama Papers and the report “Vacations in no Man’s Sea” were portrayed as two examples of serious, thorough and uncompromising investigate reporting, as well as of good instances of joint-collaboration between media outlets and journalism schools, in an event featuring Ernest Sotomayor, Dean of Student Affairs & Director of Latin American Initiatives at Columbia School of Journalism.

Training humanitarian aid workers to ensure a more effective, informed, and consistent response. 

Most discussions on water supply and shortage in cities focus on rainfall, rivers, and piped water supply. Lakes rarely find a mention in this urban water story, though they form a significant part of the urban ecosystem, playing a crucial role in water storage, groundwater recharge, biodiversity, and as a buffer against floods. As part of its ongoing series investigating issues related to groundwater, the Center hosted a lecture by Dr. Veena Srinivasan, a Fellow at the Ashoka Trust for Research in Ecology and the Environment (ATREE).

Columbia University congratulates Joachim Frank, PhD, professor of biochemistry and molecular biophysics and of biological sciences, a winner of the Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2017, shared with Richard Henderson and Jacques Dubochet “for developing cryo-electron microscopy for the high-resolution structure determination of biomolecules in solution.”

Following our fruitful collaboration with the Nietzsche 13/13 seminars led by Professors Bernard Harcourt and Jesús Velasco on the Columbia campus, the Paris Center will once more host a reading group in parallel to this year’s Uprising 13/13 seminar series focusing on dissent and revolution.

Türkiye’nin yanı sıra dünyanın pek çok ülkesinde artış gösteren ifade özgürlüğü ihlallerine dair geçtiğimiz hafta Studio X’te gerçekleşen Çatışmalı Alanlarda Sanatsal İfade panelinin konuklarından biri de eski Uluslararası PEN Direktörü Sara Whyatt oldu.

Columbia Global Centers Istanbul, İsveç Konsolosluğu ve DEPO işbirliğiyle sanatta sansür konusunu ulus ötesi perspektifte tartışmak amacıyla önceki akşam ‘Tartışmalı Alanlarda Sanatsal İfade’ isimli bir panel düzenledi.

Columbia Global Centers | Istanbul and the Consulate General of Sweden, in collaboration with DEPO is organizing a panel with international experts to discuss current obstacles to artistic freedom of expression, different modalities of censorship, and existing and possible forms of struggles against rights violations in a comparative perspective.

Focusing on the theme of resistance, our Fall 2017 programs will begin in September and run through mid-December. We invite all interested members of the public to attend. We're looking forward to very engaging and thought-provoking semester.

On Sept. 17, Columbia Global Centers | Beijing and Columbia Alumni Association of Shanghai successfully hosted the Columbia Entrepreneurship Panel in Shanghai.

On Sept.16th, Columbia Global Centers | Beijing and A Better Community (ABC) jointly launched the 2017 China’s Non-profit Sector Remuneration & Talent Development Practice Report.

Nivita Arora is studying computer science at Columbia University’s School of Engineering but her internship this summer had little to do with her major. In fact, the only connection between the two was that she used a computer for both. According to her, the fact that it was unrelated to prior life experiences, made the internship all the more rewarding. “It changed the way I view the job industry, and made me re-evaluate how I want to spend my life,” she said.