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Part of a network of nine centers worldwide, Columbia Global Centers | Santiago was established in 2011 as a hub to promote knowledge exchange, research and outreach throughout Chile and the rest of Latin America, with a focus on subjects including social unrest in Latin America, the future of journalism, incorporating ESG issues in company culture, and climate change.

The Center brings a multidisciplinary approach in all that it does, drawing on the knowledge and research of the numerous Columbia schools, centers and labs, as well as from the Center's various partners, striving to provide faculty, alumni and students with opportunities to expand their research and scholarship. Learn more about the Santiago Center's history.

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Source: Creative Commons. Author: Patrick Coe, Richmond, USA

About the Columbia Global Centers

The Columbia Global Centers promote and facilitate the collaborative and impactful engagement of the University’s faculty, students, and alumni with the world, to enhance understanding, address global challenges, and advance knowledge and its exchange. The Global Centers, as envisioned by President Lee C. Bollinger, were founded with the objective of connecting the local with the global, to create opportunities for shared learning and to deepen the nature of global dialogue. Learn more about our history