World Writers' Festival

September 28, 2015

World Writers' Festival 2015: Yiyun Li

Chinese-American author Yiyun Li’s conversation with Sylvain Bourmeau on Day Two of the World Writers' Festival 2015 focused on her choice to write in English rather than Chinese, her mother tongue, and how this choice has informed her vision of America and China.

September 28, 2015

World Writers' Festival 2015: AS Byatt

Booker-prize winning novelist AS Byatt spoke at the Ecole normale supérieure with a fascinating discussion with Le Monde’s Raphaelle Rérolle on creative inspiration, the nature of narrative, and the central role played by language, color and the senses in her writing process.

September 20, 2013

Ishmael Beah Shares War Experiences with Students at World Writers’ Festival

Author Ishmael Beah spoke with French students at Columbia Global Centers | Paris to share some of his experiences as a boy in the war in Sierra Leone. Beah, who also answered questions from the students, appeared as part of the World Writers’ Festival that opens today. The festival is hosted at the Paris Center and various locations around the city and is co-sponsored by Columbia University and Bibliothèque nationale de France.