How to Get Involved

Columbia Global Centers offer alumni opportunities to get involved:

  • Programs - Each center hosts numerous programs and events, including alumni events co-hosted with Columbia Alumni Association, lectures and research activities by faculty visiting from campus, as well as student-focused events and activities. Contact the center in your region to learn more and please join their email list to receive invitations and newsletters.
  • Regional alumni clubs - Columbia Alumni Association has dozens of international clubs in virtually every region of the world. Each center works closely with the clubs in their region to co-host events that engage alumni.

Since its inception in 1754, Columbia University has had a broad view of its place in the world. In recent decades, the University has greatly expanded its international presence, largely driven by the research of individual schools and faculty members. These activities have provided Columbia with a footprint on every continent, allowing for research and academic partnerships that have resulted in significant advances in fields ranging from the humanities to public health. In addition, we have among the largest numbers of international students of any major US university and an alumni base of more than 22,000 around the globe.

The centers help increase international content in the classroom; supplement the curriculum with international study abroad, internship opportunities, and course offerings; provide resources needed to attract students from abroad; facilitate research opportunities for Columbia students and faculty on globally relevant, interdisciplinary topics; and provide a point of ongoing engagement for international alumni.

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Professor Safwan M. Masri, Executive Vice President of Global Centers and Global Development, led the panel discussion Global Scholarship in a Modern World before an audience at the Columbia Alumni Association on March 15, 2013.