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Columbia Global Centers | Amman was established in March 2009 as a hub for programs and educational initiatives throughout the Middle East. The Amman Center is part of an expanding network of Columbia Global Centers, now in nine cities around the world.

Columbia Global Centers promote and facilitate the collaborative and impactful engagement of the University’s faculty, students, and alumni with the world to enhance understanding, address global challenges, and advance knowledge and its exchange. The Centers serve as conduits for local, regional, and global knowledge, expertise, and networks. Learn more about our history.

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Highlighted Theme: Forced Migration

Forced Migration

Over the years, Columbia Global Centers | Amman has become a hub on forced migration and displacement at both an academic and policy level.
The Center has deepened engagement with local partners, international organizations, regional universities, and the Jordanian government to facilitate knowledge exchange between academia and practitioners.
Through a multidisciplinary approach and a range of initiatives, we have supported the development of local capacity in research and data collection to address operational agencies’ programming and advocacy needs to inform policy recommendations.

Columbia University Scholarship for Displaced Students

This Scholarship supports displaced students from anywhere in the world who are unable to complete their higher education. These students will receive full tuition, housing, and living assistance while pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees across all 18 Columbia schools and affiliates, reflecting Columbia’s full institutional commitment to addressing this global crisis. As the first-ever Columbia-wide scholarship, and the world's first scholarship of its kind, this program will commit up to $6 million annually in support, per cohort, for up to 30 students each year, every year.