Ammar Kandeel

Ammar Kandeel

Research Topic
Decentralized Cultural and Artistic Safe Spaces: GarageArt as a case study in Jordan.

Ammar Kandeel defended his doctoral thesis in French and Comparative Literature in 2016 at the Paul-Valéry UniversityMontpellier 3 in France. Building on his doctoral work about the relation of Edward Said to French orientalism, his postdoctoral research continued to cover the North-South connected production of knowledge in an interdisciplinary perspective. He explores specifically the relations of European and American works to the Palestinian and Israeli narratives of peace and conflict in various media. His previous publications focused on the historiographies of Palestinians, much of which had been made possible during his Atlas fellowship in France thanks to Fondation Maison des Sciences de l'Homme – Paris and the Arab Council for Social Sciences – Beirut.

Ammar’s research at Columbia Global Centers | Amman studies the action of a local non-profit initiative in Irbid, Jordan. This project is an inquiry about the concept and the practices of safe spaces in centralized contexts of culture in Jordan and more widely in the Middle East North Africa region. Through a sociological approach of cultural sites, the project aims at analyzing the role of GarageArt in fighting forms of symbolic violence. The main goal of this research is to offer an evaluation of the effectiveness of this space and to provide policy makers and NGO’s with recommendations about the challenges and strategies of decentralizing such safe places.


Selected Publications

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