Tunis - Education

The Tunis Center promotes knowledge exchange through a set of academic programs and internships to enable students to immerse themselves in the culture and life of Tunisia, learn with regional experts and peers, and gain practical insight from around the globe. Our Center develops and facilitates various education and learning programs in collaboration with regional partners. We offer excellent opportunities for strengthening Columbia University's global learning mission through courses, studios and field trips, internships, and graduate student placement opportunities. 

Related Events

The United Nations Human Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat) focuses on promoting socially and environmentally sustainable towns and cities. 

A UNESCO World Heritage-listed amphitheater dating back to the 3rd century, and one of the largest in the Roman world.

Nine Columbia Students visited Kairouan, Tunisia, the fourth holiest city in the Islamic world.

Thirty-three students from Columbia and Harvard gathered for a first-of-its kind networking event in Tunis.

Djerba, an island in the south of Tunisia, is renowned as a sanctuary for various religious and cultural groups.

During their stay in Tunisia, the Kraft Global Fellows seized the opportunity to explore one of the country's premier historical sites.

CGC Tunis, in partnership with Columbia Alumni Association Tunisia, hosted the Annual Partners Meeting for the Tun

The Tunis Center, with Pristini School of AI and Aiphabet, organized a three-day Artificial Intelligence Bootcamp for high school students.

The Tunisia-part of the "Youth-Led Advocacy Initiative for Global Citizenship, Responsibility, and Cooperation" Workshop.

The Tunis Center hosted a lecture on American Avant-Garde Filmmaking by Columbia professor Richard Peña.

This workshop is jointly organized by Columbia Global Centers | Tunis, the University of Sousse, ROAR Lab and LMS.

This workshop is co-organized by Columbia Global Centers | Tunis, hosted both at CGC Tunis premises and at CEMAT's.