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The Tunis Center promotes knowledge exchange through a set of academic programs and internships to enable students to immerse themselves in the culture and life of Tunisia, learn with regional experts and peers, and gain practical insight from around the globe. Our Center develops and facilitates various education and learning programs in collaboration with regional partners. We offer excellent opportunities for strengthening Columbia University's global learning mission through courses, studios and field trips, internships, and graduate student placement opportunities. 

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November 01, 2021

TC-Tunisia Project: Oct/Nov 2021 Newsletter

We have a variety of updates in the eighth issue of the TC-Tunisia Newsletter. To begin, a brief update on the 2021 cohort’s progress in the project is provided. Then, Dr. Han, Project Director, comments on her experience with the TC-Tunisia Project during its first year. Next, an op-ed written by Portia Williams, Associate Provost for International Affairs at Teachers College, Columbia University, is featured. After that, the spotlight is shown on Faisal Mabrouk and Khaled Houch, Project Participants, who reflect on their experience with the TC-Tunisia Project over the past year.

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