Istanbul News

The series of panel discussions shares lessons learned in the aftermath of two major earthquakes and lays the foundation for enduring recovery.

A discussion on how electoral outcomes in both countries could shape the bilateral relations and foreign policies.

Columbia students and faculty embarked on a 2,000-kilometer odyssey through the ancient wonders of Western Turkey.

Istanbul-based journalists engaged in a thought-provoking conversation about Turkey's eventful year of 2023.

The fourth and last story from the panel on "Rising from the Rubble" series.

Columbia Global to highlight World Refugee Day and the plight of millions around the world forced to flee their homelands.

The third story from the panel on "Rising from the Rubble Vol I: Documenting Earthquake's Impact and Emphasizing Collaborative Reconstruction Effor

Columbia Global is pleased to announce the integration of the Committee on Global Thought into its diverse portfolio.

Soli Özel presents a picture of Turkey's current political topography just before the elections on May 14.

As Turkey approaches the elections, journalists discussed how election campaigns are being monitored and covered.

Açelya Uçan from Mor Çatı Women's Shelter shared the challenges for women in the earthquake zone and their long-term support plans.

As people around the globe celebrate World Press Freedom Day today, May 3, one of the cornerstones of democracy is under threat in many countries.