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With almost one-third of the Tunisian population is fully vaccinated, the government is beginning to ease restrictions by removing the national curfew and allowing people who have completed the vaccination process against Covid-19 to attend or participate in public and private demonstrations, activities, and gatherings in open and closed spaces (a proof of being fully-vaccinated is required). However, absorption capacity for closed spaces and open spaces is limited to 50%, wearing a mask in public spaces and means of transportation is mandatory.

More information available for foreigners on: https://tn.usembassy.gov/covid-19-information/

annual report

When History Meets Contemporaneity: Our Annual Report

Decades of history bind Columbia University to West and North Africa, a responsibility that our Center has chosen to embrace and enhance through its programs and activities.

From education to entrepreneurship and from arts to public health; for years we have worked on many programs, organized hundreds of events, and connected people across different continents. 

This report shows how we have brought Columbia's expertise not only to Tunisia but also to West and North Africa and how we have shared our local vision of today's global challenges.

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