Rio News

Rio Center Director Tom Trebat has been named interim director of the Santiago Center.

The project is a joint initiative of the City of Rio de Janeiro and Columbia University, through the Columbia Global Center Rio.

Climate Hub Rio is a regional center dedicated to educational initiatives and Brazilian research in the area of ​​climate and environment.

El-Sadr, the recently appointed executive vice president for Columbia Global, discusses the university's worldwide portfolio.

Several foreign and Brazilian authorities are set to participate in the climate hub launch event on March 14.

The initiative launches March 14 as a platform for researchers at Columbia University and experts in Brazil to offer solutions for climate change.

Lise Tupiassu is currently a Visiting Scholar at the Center of Sustainable Investment and Institute of Latin American Studies at Columb

In honor of Martin Luther King Jr., we look back to when he came to Columbia in 1961 and addressed our community.

Columbia University announces the launch of a new Columbia Global Center in Athens, Greece.

Organizers of Climate, Hope and Science — part of this year's New York Climate Week — talk about the unique approach and what comes next.

Columbia Global will bring together Columbia World Projects, the Columbia Global Centers, the Institute for Ideas and Imagination, and other global