Public Engagement

Public programs are essential in developing strong bonds and partnerships between the University and the local community. As part of our commitment to knowledge and promoting scholarly discourse, we bring together Columbia University faculty, students, and alumni along with global scholars, regional experts, innovators, non-profit organizations, and government to discuss a range of issues and host thought-provoking events.

We aim to attract a diverse audience through forums, panels, training workshops, seminars, and conferences where participants exchange ideas with a focus on regional and global impact

Other program objectives such as sharing research evidence are initiated as a result of conversations on topics like economics, public health, policy, the arts, sustainable development and more.

A discussion between two distinguished writers of history who use very different research methods for their pioneering work. Urvashi Butalia and Sanjay Subrahmanyam.
During the fifth Lemann Dialogue, a two-day conference on Columbia University’s campus, a group of top academic experts, policy makers and key actors in Brazilian civil society discussed some of the challenges Brazil is facing today.