About the Columbia Global Centers

Columbia University’s physical and intellectual gateway to the world

Located in 11 cities across four continents, the centers are a manifestation of Columbia’s commitment to leverage the remarkable scholarship, expertise and resources of the university to help address the world’s most complex challenges while fostering intellectual endeavors in ways that inspire, surprise and challenge.

Each center location, chosen with the needs of the Columbia community in mind, acts as a local hub for purpose-driven education, research, public engagement and collaboration. Every year, they support hundreds of cross-disciplinary programs, from public health to arts and culture, engaging thousands of faculty, students, partners, alumni and community members. 

They are more than places—they are platforms for impact and gateways to shared understanding. And while unique in culture and character according to their location, the centers are united in pursuing knowledge and growth for a greater good. Within the walls of the Global Centers are inspiring spaces for workshops, conferences, study, writing and reflection. 

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Our Programs

The 11 centers work individually and as a network to drive teaching and research across disciplinary boundaries, in partnership with experts and scholars from their regions.

By exploring global ideas both on campus and through their work in these regions, Columbia reaffirms both its relevance and its commitment to creating meaningful impact and contributing a positive legacy for generations to come. It also opens up extraordinary possibilities for like-minded partners to join in achieving these transformative goals.

Meet the Columbia Global Centers

The Columbia Global Centers network creates opportunities in research, scholarship, teaching and service; engages across borders and across disciplines; and expands Columbia's mission as a global University.