Alumni Stories

The nation nears the final phase of its second attempt at a Constitutional reform.

The fourth event of the cycle focused on territorial development and decentralization and featured two Columbia graduates.

The info session was brought to fruition by the CBS Alumni Club of Chile and the Santiago Center.

Additionally, following his graduation from Columbia, José María started working as a Copy Editor at Telemundo 47. 

He will co-teach a course on jurisprudence and current challenges of the International Court of Justice.

They are Verónica Undurraga (LAW'95), Sebastián Soto (LAW'07), and Domingo Lovera (LAW'07). 

Schools included law, arts, business, journalism, climate, professional studies, health, international and public affairs, and Teachers College.

The trailblazing journalist and documentary filmmaker was honored alongside six other fellow Columbians during the Alumni Weekend in April.

MFA alumnae Constanza Majluf, Natalia Luque, and Cecilia Otero, are the directors and producer of “My Independence Day” and "So they Say."

Growing up in a refugee community in Pakistan, Shabnam Fayyaz never dreamed that years later she would graduate from Columbia University.

Leading the trip will be Chilean alumna Antonia Samur (SIPA’18), from the National Center for Disaster Preparedness.

Romina Jiménez Álvarez (BC’18) founded Romi Studio in 2022 to showcase the best of Chilean and Latin American contemporary art.