Alumni Stories

Meet Columbia College alumna Charlotte Force, a "campus native" who has now moved to Paris.

Aninat had been a researcher at the Centro de Estudios Públicos and has co-edited three books in the area of ​​law and public policy.

The role for Cabañas will be is to ensure that all of the UN Sustainable Development Goals are incorporated throughout the university.

Currently the senior anchor at CNN Chile, Matamala is the author of six books about political and economic power in Chile.

Dyce was an exchange student at Reid Hall in 1988 and compares her immersive experience with more modern approaches to exchange programs.

Murphy spent four weeks in Chile participating in an internship through the Global Opportunities GO! Program.

AFP Habitat is working with students at Columbia’s School of Professional Studies on a trio of projects.

Yee spent the summer of 2019 at the Istanbul center working as a Global Thought intern, helping build a database of scholars for future programing.

Effie Gonis discusses her research process, her innovative research methods and how writing her blog helped her dissertation.

Riché presented his Climate Heroes project at the Paris Center and did a TedTalk looking for people and answers dealing with a changing climate.

Eight artists jointly performed at the 2019 Columbia-Yale Beijing alumni New Year Gala.

Liu's documentary chronicles the experiences she and friends had in the master's program in journalism as students from China.