Center's Location

Columbia Global Centers | Beijing was established in March 2009 as one of the first in the network of Columbia Global Centers. As Columbia’s focal point in and open gate to China, the Beijing Center has a unique position linking China to the region, the hemisphere, and the rest of the global centers around the world; providing Columbia faculty and students with opportunities to expand their research and scholarship, but also as a conduit for knowledge exchange and skill development with local and regional academics, experts and practitioners.

In 2017, Beijing Center keeps engaging the four important themes including art & culture, public health & aging, environment & sustainability, and innovation & entrepreneurship, while adds one more new theme of engineering and science, aiming to bring in the core and essence of Columbia superb academic capability to the current regional context, and play well the role of a bridge to promote the bilateral engagement between Columbia faculty, students, alumni and their Chinese counterparts. Until July 31, the Center held 32 events, engaging 9 deans, 31 faculty, 168 students, 358 alumni, and 63 local partners.