Beijing Advisory Board

Photo of Coco Han
Beijing AB

Coco Han

SIPA ’02, Peking University '11 EMBA, Board Member of the Nassau County Museum of Art, and Founder of the Goldstone Wealth Management Consultants, Inc.
Photo of Charles Li
Beijing AB

Charles Li

LAW '91, P: CC ’16, CC ’18, Founder and Chairman of Micro Connect; Former CEO of HKEX; Columbia University Trustee Emeritus
Photo of He Lin
Beijing AB

He Lin

LAW '20, P: CC '17, Beijing Xuansheng Venture Real Estate Development Co. Ltd.
Photo of Boming Wang
Beijing AB

Boming Wang

SIPA '88, President of Stock Exchange Executive Council; Editor in Chief, Caijing magazine; Chairman of SEEC Media Group Limited
Photo of Lan Xue
Beijing AB

Lan Xue

Cheung Kong Chair Professor of Public Policy and Management; Dean of Schwarzman College, Tsinghua University
Photo of Lan Yang
Beijing AB

Lan Yang

SIPA '96, P: CC '18, Founder and Chairperson of Sun Media Group and Sun Culture Foundation