Santiago Advisory Board

The Santiago Center’s Advisory Board is composed of prominent academics, public figures, alumni and business leaders. It meets annually and provides advise, ongoing leadership and counsel regarding the Center’s projects, activities and engagement with alumni.

Photo of Francisco Díaz

Francisco Díaz

Francisco Díaz (GSAPP '13): Professor of Architecture at Universidad Católica.
Photo of Diego Flores

Diego Flores

Diego Flores (MPA '12): Head of the Protected Areas Department, Ministry of the Environment.
Photo of Claudia Heiss

Claudia Heiss

Claudia Heiss (GSAS '03): Head of Political Science of the Institute of Public Affairs, Universidad de Chile.
Photo of Andrea Insunza

Andrea Insunza

Andrea Insunza (JN '13): Professor of Journalism, Universidad Diego Portales.
Photo of Ann F. Kaplan

Ann F. Kaplan

Ann F. Kaplan (SW '72, MBA '77): Partner, Circle Wealth Management, and Columbia University Trustee.
Photo of Jenny Mager

Jenny Mager

Jenny Mager (MPA '12): Head of the Mitigation and Emission Inventories Department, Ministry of the Environment.
Photo of Daniel Matamala

Daniel Matamala

Daniel Matamala (JN '12): Senior News Anchor, CNN Chile and CHV (Turner Chile).
Photo of Peter Morse

Peter Morse

Peter Morse: Chief of Staff to the Vice Chairman, Banco de Chile.
Photo of Paula Pacheco

Paula Pacheco

Paula Pacheco (MPA '12): Social Policy Specialist, UNICEF Chile.
Photo of Juan Somavía

Juan Somavía

Juan Somavía (IA '98): Manager of External Affairs and Government Relations, Copper, Anglo American.
Photo of Conrad Von Igel

Conrad Von Igel

Conrad Von Igel (MPA '07): Managing Director, Anacleto Angelini Innovation Center, Universidad Católica.