Santiago Advisory Board

The Santiago Center’s Advisory Board is composed of prominent academics, public figures, alumni and business leaders. It meets annually and provides advice, ongoing leadership and counsel regarding the Center’s projects, activities and engagement with alumni.

Photo of Joseph Ramos
Santiago AB

Joseph Ramos

Joseph Ramos (PhD, Graduate Faculties 1968): Professor and Former Dean of the School of Economics and Business Administration, Universidad de Chile
Photo of Marcos Singer
Santiago AB

Marcos Singer

Marcos Singer (SEAS’96): Professor of Operations Management, Dean of the MBA, Universidad Católica de Chile and Director of the Master's Degree in Innovation
Photo of Diego Yarur
Santiago AB

Diego Yarur

Diego Yarur (BUS’06): Head of Corporate Development, International Business, Communications and Sustainability, Bci Financial Group
Photo of Claudia Heiss
Santiago AB

Claudia Heiss

Claudia Heiss (GSAS '03): Head of Political Science of the Institute of Public Affairs, Universidad de Chile.